How social media can help push campaigns through video

Chart of the day: 3 in 10 Wimbledon Fans are watching branded video on social media

You may have noticed Twitter has partnered with the All England Lawn Tennis Club by live streaming its Wimbledon Channel. Allowing tennis fans around the world to tune in and watch matches live.

Social Media has played a big part in the promotion of Wimbledon Championships. This chart shows how social media has helped shares and comments throughout the event.

According to Global Web Index 3 in 10 Wimbledon Fans are watching branded video online. The results below show that each country is more likely to follow the sports stars over watching or following sports on social media.

This presents a clear opportunity for brands who are looking to use video or broadcasting in their campaigns. If you have proof that your followers are engaged on social media and are invested in your brand, then consider introducing video into your social strategy. Find out more about live streaming on Twitter and why we think social media will become the next TV channel.



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